Live Tracking

Timesync's live tracking keeps you connected with your remote team, enabling real-time monitoring of their activities and progress. Stay informed, regardless of your location.

Employee Live Tracking With Multiple Check In On Companies/Shifts

  • Track Employees live Location (work mode-office or home) Track live location of employees during their check in/check out time Track live location of employees break time/outdoor meetings Combine with your existing app and web panel


Timesync allows you the opportunity to attend to your employees regardless of where you are located, which is particularly useful if your team is able to perform some of their work remotely.


Official Live Chat & Video Conference With Team Or Management

  • Set up your official meetings with the employees or clients in a video conference Set up separate meetings with the managers or leaders of your company Easily Live chat with Individuals/Team Leaders/Managers with more features like screen sharing, unlimited recording and so on. Combine with your existing App and Web Panel


Timesync's face recognition feature provides seamless and secure access, ensuring only authorized individuals can log in, enhancing security, and streamlining employee management.

Admin/HR Will Set Face Recognition System

  • Able to scan face with any devices to login and logout Admin/HR will be able to set Face recognition system for Multiple companie Combine with your existing App and Web Panel

Employee User List

Timesync's employee user list simplifies management with a comprehensive database of team members, streamlining access to employee information and administrative tasks with ease.


Effortlessly Manage and Organize Your Workforce with the Employee User List Feature

  • Admin/HR sets up face recognition for streamlined employee management. Convenient face scanning for login/logout on any device. Manage multiple companies with the Employee User List. Seamlessly integrate with existing app/web panel for a unified experience.

Employee Attendance

Effortlessly manage employee attendance with Timesync. Track team presence, streamline recording, generate reports, and ensure accurate timekeeping for enhanced productivity and payroll management.

Achieving Efficiency and Accountability: Empower Your Organization with Employee Attendance Management

  • Track Live Location Enables to choose work Mode-Office or Home Press for easy Check-in/ Check-out

Support 24/7

Experience round-the-clock support with Timesync's 24/7 assistance. Our dedicated team ensures prompt and reliable assistance, addressing your needs and resolving any issues that may arise, providing peace of mind at all times.


Create A Support Ticket For Facing Any Technical Or Environmental Or Any Other Issues

  • Unable to login Unethical behavior

Notice List & Details

This notice provides information about the implementation of a face recognition system by the admin/HR for multiple companies. Users can use any device to scan their faces for login and logout purposes. The system can be integrated with existing apps and web panels.

Deliver Notice For All Employees Or Departmental-Wise For Any Upcoming Event Or Awareness

  • Admin/HR will set up a face recognition system. Users can scan their faces with any device to log in and log out. System implementation is available for multiple companies. Integration with existing app and web panels.

Manage Expense

Timesync allows employees to request, track, and manage their leaves easily. It provides a streamlined process for leave application, approval, and tracking, ensuring smooth workforce management.


For Subsidies Or Potential Cost, It Can Be Updated By The Individual As Part Of Expenditure

  • Employees can easily request leaves through the system. Managers can efficiently review and approve leave requests. The feature provides a centralized platform to track and manage employee leaves. It streamlines the process, ensuring accurate leave records and effective workforce management.

Leave Manage

It allows employees to request, track, and manage their leaves easily. It provides a streamlined process for leave application, approval, and tracking, ensuring smooth workforce management

Employees Can Apply For Their Leave And Get Approval/Rejection By The Authorized Personnel

  • Apply for Leave Approved/Disapproved by admin

Manage Phonebook

Timesync allows users to efficiently organize and access contact information in a centralized system. It provides a convenient way to store, update, and retrieve contacts, enhancing communication and collaboration within the organization.


Find Contact Info Of Employees To Reach Out At Instant For Any Updates Or Emergency

  • Easily store and manage contact information in a centralized phonebook system. Update and maintain contact details, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Quickly search and retrieve contacts, saving time and effort. Enhance communication and collaboration by having a comprehensive and accessible directory of contacts.

Outdoor Visit Hours & History

Effortlessly manage outdoor visit hours with Timesync's feature. Keep track of visit history, ensuring accurate documentation and improved visibility into employee activities beyond the workplace.

Tracks Live Location Of Your Employees, Including The Visiting Hours For Any Outdoors Meetings

  • Efficiently track and manage outdoor visit hours with Timesync's feature. Maintain a comprehensive record of visit history for accurate documentation. Gain improved visibility into employee activities outside the workplace. Streamline monitoring and enhance accountability with outdoor visit tracking.

Manage Appointment

Timesync's intuitive appointment management system can easily manage appointments. Streamline scheduling, track availability, and ensure efficient coordination for seamless appointment booking and management.


Set Your Appointment Time Before-Hand To Avoid Any Misconduct During Crucial Hours

  • Simplify appointment scheduling and management. Track and organize scheduled appointments. Enable automated reminders and notifications. Customize settings for optimal scheduling.

Break Times And Details

Timesync's Break Times and Details feature simplifies break management by allowing you to track and manage employee break times efficiently. Stay organized and ensure compliance with break policies, enhancing productivity and employee well-being.

Employees Can Easily Take Break Notifying Here And End It At The Same Way

  • start break / end break time summary

Daily Leave

Simplify leave management with Timesync's Daily Leave feature. Easily request, track, and approve daily leaves, ensuring smooth workflow management and accurate attendance records.


Notify Managnment For Any Type Of Late Comings Or Early Leave

  • late comming at - reason for comming late early leave at - reason for leaving early


It empowers you with comprehensive insights and analytics. Generate detailed reports to assess employee activity, attendance, check-in, check-out time, and more, enabling data-driven decision-making for optimized performance.

Unlock Actionable Insights: Explore the Power of Timesync Reports

  • Reports Timesync provides you with access to a significant number with in reports that display an employee's attendance, absence, overtime, shortage, and late hours. You can choose to receive it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or it can be delivered to you based on the duration that you specify. It can also be downloaded or printed.


Notifications play a crucial role in keeping us informed and connected in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Explore the power of notifications in delivering timely updates, enhancing user experiences, and staying informed in an increasingly interconnected world.


Staying Connected and Informed: Unleashing the Potential of Notifications in the Digital Age.

  • Timesync is able to deliver quick alerts to the system administrator as well as to employees regarding new registration requests, leaves, or other notifications.

Securing One's Safety And One's Protection

In a world filled with uncertainties, ensuring one's safety and protection has become paramount. Discover effective strategies and proactive measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from potential risks and threats.

Prioritizing Personal Security: Empowering Individuals to Stay Safe in an Uncertain World.

  • The Timesync app includes a number of benefits that contribute to attendance being safe and secure. These benefits include secure communication, the encryption of all data, and the availability of data only to the persons who are permitted to view it.

Handling Work Plans

Efficiently managing work plans is vital for productivity and achieving goals. Learn effective strategies and practical tips for handling work plans, organizing tasks, and optimizing time management to enhance productivity and achieve professional success.


Mastering Productivity: Essential Techniques for Handling Work Plans with Precision and Purpose.

  • You will have the capability to add different work plans that are proportionate to the nature of the work, as well as add vacations of any kind, thanks to the system's functionality. In addition to this, the system allows for modifications to be made at any moment according to the work schedule of each individual employee.

Simple And Straightforward Registration

Streamlining the registration process is crucial to provide a seamless user experience and encourage higher participation. Discover the benefits of a simple and straightforward registration system that eliminates complexities, reduces friction, and maximizes user engagement.

Unlocking User Engagement: The Power of Simple and Seamless Registration Processes.

  • In addition to being able to add employees, access their information, and distribute them according to the responsible departments, you also have the power to modify the information of each employee, delete it, or transfer it across departments.

Record Of Employees' Attendance Kept In A Log

Maintaining a comprehensive log of employees' attendance is essential for effective workforce management and payroll processing. Explore the significance of recording and tracking employee attendance in a systematic log, ensuring accuracy, accountability, and streamlined operations.


Tracking Workforce Attendance: Harnessing the Power of Log Records for Efficient Workforce Management.

  • The Timesync app simplifies employee scheduling, employee onboarding, and performance tracking. The Timesync app allows employees check their attendance and leave records on their phones. This feature improves workplace transparency and accountability, making employees more productive.

Attendance Time Modification

Flexibility in attendance management is crucial to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or necessary adjustments. Learn about the importance of attendance time modification, its impact on employee satisfaction and work-life balance, and best practices for implementing fair and transparent policies.

Balancing Flexibility and Accountability: Optimizing Attendance Management with Time Modification Options.

  • Timesync gives the account manager the ability to manually enter transactions for employees who either neglected to verify their attendance or whose mobile devices broke down, as well as for employees whose situations fall into any of the other aforementioned categories.

Attendance During Working Hours That Is Determined At Random

Introducing a randomized attendance system within working hours can bring numerous benefits to organizations. Explore the advantages of implementing random attendance checks, including enhanced productivity, improved accountability, and fostering a culture of fairness and equality.


Embracing Spontaneity: The Power of Random Attendance Checks to Drive Workplace Accountability and Performance.

  • In order to verify the presence of personnel at the designated site during the course of their shifts, proof of attendance during business hours is required.

The Only Thing That Is Required Is The Employee's Mobile Device

Simplify attendance management by leveraging the convenience of employees' mobile devices. Discover how utilizing mobile devices as the sole requirement for attendance tracking can streamline processes, increase accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency in workforce management.

Embracing Mobile Technology: Revolutionizing Attendance Tracking with Employee-Friendly Solutions.

  • You only need the employee's mobile phone in order to attend by Timesync, which means you don't have to worry about installation, technical or electrical connection problems, or maintenance.

Participate In The Attendance Of Thousands Of Staff Members

Managing attendance for a large workforce can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be streamlined and efficient. Explore innovative solutions and strategies that enable organizations to seamlessly handle the attendance of thousands of staff members, ensuring accuracy, scalability, and ease of participation.


Scaling Attendance Management: Empowering Organizations to Effortlessly Handle Large Workforces with Precision.

  • Because your employees' time is saved by Timesync, there is no longer a need for lengthy lineups, which reduces the amount of time available for productive work. The staff can participate in the meeting using a mobile application, and this works independent of the number of employees that are physically present at the same time and location.

Numerous Workplaces And Workplaces Altogether

Coordinating attendance across multiple workplaces and organizations can be a complex endeavor. Discover effective approaches and tools for efficiently managing attendance in diverse work settings, fostering collaboration, synchronization, and streamlined processes across numerous workplaces.

Unifying Attendance Management: Strategies for Seamlessly Coordinating Attendance Across Multiple Workplaces and Organizations.

  • Should it be necessary, staff members are able to report to work in more than one place? Timesync can be installed in any location and does not require any wires, connections, or electricity to function. It is also excellent for fieldwork, which helps to ensure that personnel are present in a variety of businesses.

Application Of Primary Importance For Tablets

Unlock the full potential of tablets with a versatile and indispensable application. Explore the significance of a primary application designed specifically for tablets, empowering users with enhanced functionality, seamless user experience, and optimized performance across various tasks and activities.


Maximizing Tablet Potential: The Indispensable Application for Unleashing the Power of Tablets.

  • Because Timesync may be freely downloaded on smartphones (tablets, iPads), which can be placed everywhere inside the firm, any employee can attend via the app in the event that some employees are unable to use their own mobile devices.


Integration has become a cornerstone of modern business operations, revolutionizing the way organizations function. Explore the transformative benefits of integration, enabling seamless data flow, enhanced collaboration, and optimized processes across different systems, platforms, and departments.

Bridging the Gaps: Unleashing the Potential of Integration for Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration.

  • Timesync offers what is known as an application programming interface (API), which enables third-party systems to interact with it and retrieve attendance data. Such includes human resource management systems, payroll management systems, and others.

Flexible Permissions

Flexibility in permissions is crucial for organizations to tailor access levels according to specific roles and responsibilities. Discover the power of flexible permissions, enabling granular control over data, resources, and functionalities, while ensuring security, compliance, and efficient workflow management.


Customized Access, Enhanced Control: Unleashing the Potential of Flexible Permissions for Organizational Success.

  • You have the ability to add users' permissions according to their positions in the system, such as department manager, branch manager, or any other roles that determine the user's actions and duties.